Golden Rice:
A tiny grain that causes so much Controversy

Micronutrient Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) causes blindness and morbidity in countries that do not have adequate access to Vitamin A-enriched foods. The Golden Rice Humanitarian Board have found a way to genetically biofortify rice as a way to alleviate those suffering from VAD. Thus, Golden Rice is conceived! However, as the Humanitarian Board pushes for acceptance of Golden Rice, they have received relentless opposition from environmentalist groups, such as GreenPeace, and other numerous activists; making it incredibly difficult for the Golden Rice Project to mobilize.

This website is dedicated to displaying the controversy surrounding the introduction of Golden Rice, including a detailed analysis of both the science and social world it encompasses:

The Dilemma
The Extent of the debate
The actors involved
The science behind it
The Networks created
The future of Golden Rice

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