Ingo Potrykus
“The precautionary measures actors such as green peace have created have halted the research and even experiment to validate the scientific and social benefits of Golden Rice(Ingo Potrykus, Institute of plant science)
The work on Golden Rice began with Ingo Potrykus and Peter Burkhardt collaborating together in ways to increase micronutrients in rice (Potrykus, Turning 2001).Theses are blaming the non-science ‘well-fed folk’ actors for delaying the introduction of GM crops into developing nations that will ultimately benefit the poor, quoting that activists just want to ‘say no to GM foods’. They believe their science has come to a halt due to the actions within the social world that are lobbying against the use of GM crops. To the scientists Golden Rice is sustainable by re-sowing saved seeds from past harvests, it requires no other resource or inputs, and it avoids the negative effects of the Green Revolution, and does not create new dependencies. By putting Golden Rice on standby for many years the scientists argue that they are unable to test some of the unknown depth issues with biodiversity, human health concerns, and absorption rates. Instead, opposition has been able to win battles by stalling the production for these tests, giving them the edge and keeping Golden Rice a mystery.